The First Traveling Gatherings Party Line Newsletter is Here (1/13/2023)!!

Hello from Congress, AZ!

Thank you for reading the First Ever Traveling Gatherings “Party Line” Newsletter.

I would like to kick off this newsletter with a background introduction so that moving forward you can put a face to a name. This is the first Traveling Gatherings Party Line newsletter ever,  please let me know your thoughts! 

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I am going to guess that you don’t know who these people are. . .

Well, that is Andrea on the left and me (Mike) on the right. We are two 40-somethings along with our fur baby Bruce Lee the Pug, who travel full-time in a renovated Class A RV we affectionately named “Dolly”. You can see our personal travels via SweetDreamsAreMadeWithRVs on Facebook and Instagram.

dolly in utah

In September 2022, after being on the road for just over a month full-time, I discovered the need for a Camper-Community-Calendar of sorts and came up with the idea of an event listings website geared towards fellow travelers, that idea quickly developed into

After deciding on the design and functionality of the site, I added 300+ events to it, worked out some initial bugs, and then did a big media push to let folks know it exists. The press release was picked up by a bunch of blogs, YouTube channels, newspapers, podcasts, and newsletters, with more media announcements coming along as they are published. 

A couple of the media mentions are here:

Currently, there are over 500 events listed including:

Please know we are only getting started and none of this could be possible without your support! If you have any thoughts or feedback, we are always evolving as we go, and welcome you to reach out and let me know, and be sure to tell a friend about the site!

If you haven’t done so already, follow Traveling Gatherings on Facebook and Instagram, we post daily Monday through Friday highlighting events that may be of interest to you along your journey.

Thank you again for reading the Traveling Gatherings Party Line Newsletter and I look forward to seeing you down the road! Until next time!

Michael Andersen
Traveling Gatherings

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The First Traveling Gatherings Party Line Newsletter is Here (1/13/2023)!! 4