Traveling Gatherings Party Line (1/20/2023)

Welcome to this weeks Traveling Gatherings Party Line!

quartzsite arizona wagon

Hello from Quartzsite, Arizona!

For those of you who are currently on the road, there’s a chance around 40% are at the Tampa RV Show, and 40% are around the Quartzsite Big Tent Show. 

Well, if you fall into the latter grouping, you may see us walking around next week handing out stickers and taking in the sites and sounds that the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, and RV Show has to offer. 

For the other 20% of you who decided to not attend either of these, we totally understand, as it is getting crowded around Quartzsite!

albuquerque balloon fiesta

Did you get your tickets to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta?! Neither did we. . . 

With that said, there are still opportunities to attend a Balloon Fest, although it might not be in Albuquerque. 

are you ready for summer

This Summer is looking good for RV Shows! Here are a few early warnings to consider scheduling your travel plans around. 

In addition, here are some music festivals that you can camp at (or near):

Looking for other things to do? Currently, there are over 600 listings on Traveling Gatherings including:

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Thank you again for reading the Traveling Gatherings Party Line Newsletter and I look forward to seeing you down the road! Until next time!

Michael Andersen
Traveling Gatherings

Michael Andersen and Bruce Lee the Pug
Michael Andersen and Bruce Lee the Pug