Things to Do in Grand Haven MI

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Explore Top Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Beach Visits, Lighthouse Tours, and Vibrant Downtown Attractions

Grand Haven, Michigan, a picturesque lakeside community, offers a unique blend of coastal charm, historical richness, and vibrant outdoor activities. Nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, this city is a gem waiting to be explored. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the best things to do in Grand Haven MI, unraveling the city’s history, attractions, and hidden treasures.

Key Takeaways:

    • Discover Grand Haven’s rich history and stunning natural landscapes.
    • Explore a range of attractions, from beaches to historical sites.
    • Enjoy diverse outdoor activities and family-friendly adventures.
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - History of Grand Haven
Photo courtesy of Visit Grand Haven

A Brief History of Grand Haven, MI

Early Settlement and Development

Grand Haven’s history is a tapestry of Native American heritage, European settlement, and maritime significance. Initially inhabited by the Ottawa tribe, the city saw its first European settlers in the early 19th century. Grand Haven quickly developed into a bustling port and a hub for the lumber industry.

20th Century and Beyond

In the 20th century, Grand Haven transformed from an industrial town to a tourist destination. The city’s beautiful beaches and dunes attracted visitors from all over, shaping its current identity as a premier Michigan vacation spot.

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Grand Haven Musical Fountain
Photo courtesy of Grand Haven Musical Fountain

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Top Attractions

Grand Haven Lighthouse and Pier

One of the city’s most iconic landmarks is the Grand Haven Lighthouse. This historic structure, coupled with the scenic pier, offers spectacular views and photo opportunities.

    • Location: South Harbor Drive, Grand Haven, MI
    • Visiting Hours: Open year-round, best viewed at sunset

Grand Haven Musical Fountain

A mesmerizing blend of water, light, and music, the Grand Haven Musical Fountain is a must-see nightly show during the summer months.

    • Location: Along the Grand River
    • Showtimes: Vary by season
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Rosy Mound Natural Area
Rosy Mound Natural Area

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Outdoor Activities

Hiking and Biking Trails

Grand Haven’s trails offer a chance to explore its natural beauty. The Rosy Mound Natural Area, with its dunes and wooded trails, is a highlight for hikers.

    • Popular Trails: Lakeshore Trail, Rosy Mound Natural Area

Water Sports

Lake Michigan’s waters provide the perfect setting for water sports, including kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailing.

    • Rental Locations: Various along the waterfront
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Grand Haven State Park
Grand Haven State Park

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Beaches and Waterfront

Grand Haven State Park

This state park boasts a stunning beach, ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and picnics.

    • Facilities: Picnic areas, restrooms, and playground

City Beach

For a quieter beach experience, City Beach offers a serene setting away from the crowds.

    • Amenities: Parking and restrooms available
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Hofma Preserve
Hofma Preserve

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Parks and Nature Reserves

Hofma Preserve

Hofma Preserve features diverse habitats, from wetlands to forests, perfect for nature enthusiasts.

    • Activities: Bird watching, hiking

Duncan Woods

A hidden gem within the city, Duncan Woods offers peaceful trails amidst old-growth trees.

    • Location: Central Grand Haven
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Downtown Boutiques
Downtown Grand Haven

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Downtown Shopping

Downtown Boutiques

Grand Haven, MI, offers a diverse range of boutique shopping experiences that cater to various tastes and preferences. Here are some of the best downtown boutiques in Grand Haven, highlighting their unique offerings:

    • Down to Earth: Located at 105 Washington Ave., this boutique features an eclectic collection of clothes, accessories, and house decor. It’s particularly appealing to those aged 20 and above, offering a mix of antique and contemporary pieces​.
    • Buffalo Bob’s: Situated at 136 Washington Ave., Buffalo Bob’s is more of a general store than a traditional boutique. It offers affordable, trendy items for all ages, including a large selection of sunglasses from popular brands​
    • JJ Marche: Found at 16 Washington Ave., JJ Marche is ideal for those who prefer a “comfy but cute” style. The store focuses on comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing, primarily for the 35+ age group, and also offers a variety of accessories​.
    • Must Love Dogs Boutique and Spa: This unique store at 211 Washington Ave. is perfect for dog lovers. It offers a variety of items for dogs and their owners, including a self-serve dog wash​.
    • Calico Cat: Located at 10 Washington Avenue, Calico Cat is known for its beach, transitional, and cottage decor, offering items like porcelain tea sets and special wall or textile items​.
    • Off The Record: At 1114 Washington Avenue, this shop caters to music lovers with its collection of vintage vinyl, CDs, equipment, and special orders​.
    • Vintage Green Antiques: Situated at 7 N. Seventh St., this store offers a wide variety of antique items including merchandise, decors, furniture, and more​.
    • Marushka: Located at 121 Washington Ave, Marushka provides a whimsical and artsy shopping experience with original art made into wearable clothing items, house decor, textiles, and more​.
    • Gallery Uptown: Found at 201 Washington Avenue, it’s the oldest artist-operated gallery in the state, featuring work by award-winning artists and offering original art, unique trinkets, and keepsakes​.
    • Blueberry Haven: At 213 Washington Avenue, this specialty shop focuses on blueberry-themed products like blueberry salsa, chocolate-covered blueberries, and breakfast boxes filled with homemade blueberry products​
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Paisley Pig Gastropub
Paisley Pig Gastropub

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Dining Options

Culinary Delights

Grand Haven boasts a vibrant and diverse dining scene that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. 

Here are some of the best downtown restaurants in Grand Haven, each offering unique culinary experiences:

    • Morning Star Cafe: Known for its American and Southwestern cuisine, Morning Star Cafe is highly recommended for its cinnamon rolls, Huevos Rancheros, and southwest cornbread scramble​.
    • Paisley Pig Gastropub: A posh bar with a hip cafe vibe, the Paisley Pig Gastropub serves fancy pub fare and craft beers. Diners often rave about their Pulled Pork Nacho and Michigan Bison Meatloaf​.
    • Snug Harbor: This waterfront restaurant is celebrated for its creative dishes and expansive wine selection. The ambiance is enhanced by its casual outdoor patio seating. Popular dishes include Margherita Flatbread, White Chicken Chili, and grilled Salmon with cilantro lime rice​.
    • Stanz Cafe: An informal family restaurant known for its Cajun and Polish meals. Stanz Cafe offers a simple yet cozy atmosphere with delicious meals like Jalapeno Bombs and the Polish Plate, featuring kielbasa, pierogies, and kapusta​.
    • The Stable Inn: If you’re in the mood for steaks and ribs in a laid-back American restaurant with a Western theme, The Stable Inn is the place to go. Their Traditional Wings and Stable Burger served with Onion Rings are highly recommended​.
    • The Kirby House: Housed in a former hotel, The Kirby House offers an old-world aesthetic with a menu that includes dishes like Macho Nacho and Spiced Mahi Tacos​.
    • Odd Side Ales: A modern and trendy brewery and pub known for its craft beers and live-music performances. While they focus on beverages, you can order food from partner restaurants​.
    • Fricanos Pizza Tavern: This circa-1949 casual pizzeria in a former 19th-century boarding house offers classic thin-crust pizzas. The Fricano’s EBA (Everything But Anchovies) pizza is a must-try​.
    • JW’s Food & Spirits: Offering American cuisine in a bar and pub setting, JW’s Food & Spirits is known for its French dip and Cuban Sandwich​.
    • Righteous Cuisine: For Mexican, Southwestern, and Fusion dishes, Righteous Cuisine is a great choice. It’s known for its unique flavor combinations and vibrant atmosphere​.
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival
Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Events and Festivals

Grand Haven is a hub for a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, each offering a unique experience that highlights the city’s diverse culture and community spirit. 

Here’s an overview of some notable events and festivals in Grand Haven:

    • Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival: This nationally renowned festival is a highlight of the summer in Grand Haven. It features a range of activities including parades, ship tours, musical performances, and fireworks, celebrating the U.S. Coast Guard and the city’s maritime heritage.
    • Kite Festival at Grand Haven State Park: Held in the spring, this festival brings vibrant colors to the skies over Grand Haven State Park. It’s a family-friendly event where you can witness spectacular kite flying displays.
    • Spring Lake Heritage Festival: Another summer event, this festival includes various activities like a car show, family fun night, and a wings on the waterfront event. It’s a great way to experience the local heritage and community spirit.
    • Sand Sculpture Contest: Showcasing the artistic talents of participants, the Sand Sculpture Contest invites individuals and groups to create impressive sculptures using only sand and natural materials found on the beach.
    • Grand Haven Art Festival: This event transforms downtown Grand Haven into an outdoor art gallery. Featuring fine art exhibitors and local talent, it’s an excellent venue for art enthusiasts to explore and purchase unique artwork.
    • Hispanic Heritage Fiesta: Held in September, this event celebrates Latin American culture with delicious food, wonderful music, and activities for all ages. It’s a vibrant and colorful celebration of Hispanic heritage.
    • Winterfest: Despite the cold weather, Winterfest in January is a time for warmth and fun, featuring activities like cardboard sled races and dog pulls. It’s a family-friendly event that embraces the winter season in Grand Haven.
    • Merchants and Makers Grand Haven Market: Occurring in July, this indie show organized by Merchants and Makers features crafts, fine art, and fine craft exhibitors, offering a unique shopping experience.
    • Saint Patrick’s & Saint Antony’s Parish Festival: Held in August, this festival includes a mix of crafts, film, fine art, and local food booths. It also features kids’ games, a car show, and other entertainment.
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Imagination Station
Imagination Station

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Family-Friendly Activities

The city offers a variety of family-friendly activities that cater to different interests and age groups. 

Outdoor and Nature Activities:

    • Grand Haven State Park: A popular destination for swimming, volleyball, camping, and more, with options for overnight stays in lodges, cottages, or campsites​.
    • Grand River Greenway: This vast area, connecting 14 parks along the Grand River, offers a 36-mile walking trail and kayaking opportunities, perfect for families seeking outdoor adventures​.
    • Lake Michigan: Offers a picturesque setting for beach activities, with opportunities for swimming and enjoying the scenic views​.
    • Rosy Mound Natural Area: A 164-acre natural area with trails leading to an observation deck, offering stunning views of the environment​.

Cultural and Historical Exploration:

    • Tri-Cities Historical Museum: This museum showcases the history of Michigan State, with exhibits on logging, trading, and more, making it an educational and engaging destination for families​.

Interactive and Fun Experiences:

    • Imagination Station: A large playground area measuring 10,000 square feet, perfect for children to engage in outdoor play and physical activities​.
    • Chinook Pier Miniature Golf: Offers an 18-hole miniature golf course within walking distance of the downtown area, providing affordable fun for the whole family​.
    • Coopersville & Marne Railway: This old-fashioned train ride covers seven miles between Coopersville and Marne, offering themed events and a historical experience​

Other Unique Activities:

    • Linear Park and Grand River Greenway: These areas provide excellent opportunities for walking, picnicking, and enjoying the scenic views of the Grand River​.
    • Harbor Trolley: A quaint ride that loops through the city, giving riders a glimpse of many of Grand Haven’s main attractions​.
    • Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Area: In winter, this ski bowl offers trails for skiing, a big draw for families with parents skiing for free​.
    • Grand Haven Room Escape: Offers a fun, interactive experience for families with supervised kids, featuring multiple room options for different skill levels​.
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Train Depot Museum
Train Depot Museum

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Museums and Historical Sites

Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner Light

This historical lighthouse, built in the early 1900s, is a symbol of Grand Haven’s maritime past.

    • Visiting Info: Best viewed from the Grand Haven Boardwalk

Train Depot Museum

Housed in a restored 1870 depot, this museum offers a glimpse into the city’s railroading history.

    • Address: 1 N Harbor Dr., Grand Haven, MI
    • Exhibits: Vintage train cars and railroad artifacts
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - American Dunes Golf Club
American Dunes Golf Club

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Golfing Options

Golfing in Grand Haven offers a variety of courses for enthusiasts of all skill levels. 

Some of the best courses in the area include:

    • American Dunes Golf Club (Public): A recently opened 18-hole course featuring 7,213 yards of golf with a course rating of 73.3 and a slope rating of 134. It is known for supporting Folds of Honor.
    • Spring Lake Golf Course at Spring Lake Country Club (Private): An 18-hole course with 6,525 yards of golf, a par of 72, a course rating of 72.7, and a slope rating of 128 on Blue grass. It’s available to country club members only.
    • Pigeon Creek Golf Course (Public): Offers 6,532 yards of golf on its 18-hole course with a par of 71, suitable for all levels of golfers.
    • Wuskowhan Players Golf Course (Private): A 6,950-yard, 18-hole course with a par of 71, notable as the first course in Michigan designated as an Audubon Signature Sanctuary.
    • Meadows Golf Club at GVSU (Public): Features a 7,034-yard, 18-hole course with a par of 72, accommodating all skill levels with five sets of tees.
    • Terra Verde Golf Course (Public): A 5,917-yard, 18-hole course with a par of 71, known for its additional amenities like event spaces and a full-service restaurant.
    • Western Greens Golf Course (Public): This 18-hole course spans 6,210 yards with a par of 71, offering facilities for golfers of all skill levels.
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Grand Armory Brewing
Grand Armory Brewing

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Nightlife and Entertainment

Grand Haven offers a vibrant bar and pub scene with a variety of options to suit different tastes. Some of the notable establishments in the area include:

    • Odd Side Ales: A popular spot known for its extensive selection of craft beers and a welcoming atmosphere.
    • The Unicorn Tavern: Offers a delightful experience with a focus on Belgian-style beers and a cozy outdoor seating area.
    • Grand Armory Brewing: Features a range of unique brews in a historic setting, providing an authentic brewery experience.
    • JW’s Food & Spirits: Combines a traditional pub feel with a diverse menu, making it a great choice for both drinks and dining.
    • Long Road Distillers: Renowned for their handcrafted spirits and creative cocktails, offering a modern twist on the classic bar experience.

Live Music and Performances

The city comes alive at night with various venues hosting live music and performances.

Some of the best options for live music in the area include:

    • The Kirby House: Located near the heart of downtown Grand Haven, it features a menu of delicious appetizers, creative pizzas, specialty dishes, and live music.
    • Musical Fountain: A unique experience combining synchronized water, lights, and music shows along Grand Haven’s waterfront.
    • Grand Haven Elks Lodge #1200: Hosts various social gatherings and events, including live music performances.
    • Odd Side Ales Brewery and Taproom: Known for its handcrafted beers, wines, cocktails, and live music, located in downtown Grand Haven.
    • Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium: Situated in downtown Grand Haven along the waterfront, this venue is adjacent to the riverfront boardwalk and hosts live music events.
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI - Downtown Muskegon
Downtown Muskegon

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Day Trips and Excursions

Holland, Michigan

Just a short drive from Grand Haven, Holland offers Dutch heritage attractions and beautiful gardens.

Muskegon, Michigan

Known for its museums and parks, Muskegon is another great day trip option.

Tips for Visiting Grand Haven

    • Best Time to Visit: Summer for beaches and festivals; fall for beautiful foliage
    • Transportation: Renting a car is recommended for exploring surrounding areas
    • Accommodations: Range from lakeside cottages to downtown hotels
Things to Do in Grand Haven MI

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Conclusion

Grand Haven, MI, is a city that truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a glimpse into Michigan’s history, this coastal town promises an unforgettable experience.

With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and endless activities, Grand Haven is a destination that should be on every traveler’s list.

Things to Do in Grand Haven MI: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Grand Haven, Michigan worth visiting? 

Absolutely! Grand Haven is known for its stunning beaches, historic lighthouse, vibrant downtown, and numerous festivals and events. It’s a great destination for both relaxation and adventure.

Can you swim at Grand Haven Beach? 

Yes, Grand Haven State Park offers a beautiful beach where swimming is popular. The beach is known for its clean and clear waters.

Does Grand Haven have a downtown? 

Yes, Grand Haven has a charming downtown area with a variety of shops, restaurants, and galleries, offering a delightful experience for visitors.

Which beach is better: South Haven or Grand Haven? 

Both have their unique charms. South Haven is known for its picturesque lighthouse and serene atmosphere, while Grand Haven is famous for its lively beachfront and boardwalk.

Things to do in Grand Haven, MI during winter? 

Winter in Grand Haven is magical, with activities like ice skating, winter hiking, and enjoying the festive lights and decorations around the city.

Indoor things to do in Grand Haven, MI? 

Indoor activities include visiting the Tri-Cities Historical Museum, enjoying the local cuisine at various restaurants, or attending events at the local theater.

Family things to do in Grand Haven, MI? 

Families can enjoy the beach, visit the Imagination Station playground, explore the nature trails, or participate in family-friendly festivals.

Unique things to do in Grand Haven, MI? 

Unique activities include visiting the Musical Fountain, exploring the dunes, and enjoying the local craft beer scene.

Romantic things to do in Grand Haven, MI? 

For a romantic experience, couples can enjoy sunset walks on the beach, dine at waterfront restaurants, or take a scenic boat tour.

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