RV Miles awesome December 4, 2022 episode features Traveling Gatherings!!

RV Miles are Jason and Abby, two full-time travelers who have been crisscrossing North America on one epic road trip with their three boys since 2016. They talk all things RV and Outdoors, from industry news to travel destinations, National Parks, and a whole lot more.

I have been listening to their podcast since 2018 and have watched and listened to them grow from a family who left Chicago to travel in a self-converted school bus to the fifth-wheel traveling family that they are today. Had a chance to meet Jason at the RVE Roundtable in Montrose, CO in September 2022 and quite honestly was a little starstruck, as Jason and I started off a “speed dating” meet and greet together. I remember stumbling a little while talking, which if you know me, you know I am not one who is shy to talk.

A funny story about Jason and Abby moving out of their Chicago apartment was getting a parking ticket while actively moving stuff into their bus and setting off on their epic journey. It probably wasn’t funny to them at the time, but it is so indicative of the City of Chicago and their constant money grab from residents. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Chicago and if it were not for that city, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, but it still makes me chuckle a bit.

Now that we know who they are, I want to state that RV Miles were the very first people I sent a press release to about Traveling Gatherings, and they ended up being the first people to report about this website. Have nothing but love and admiration for them, and if you aren’t familiar, do yourself a favor and subscribe to their YouTube Channel, Podcast, follow them on Instagram and join their Facebook Group. Their Facebook Group is very active with a ton of daily posts, you’ll also see me chime in quite a bit on there.

Thank you, RV Miles!

Thank you Jason and Abby so much for spreading the love on Traveling Gatherings, it is completely appreciated, and I look forward to seeing you two down the road and will continue to log those RV Miles!


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